Camping Portable Movie Theater


To put together a portable home theater small enough to fit in a bag and take camping, fully self-sufficient on power and full featured.

Packing List:

  • Pico Projector
  • Raspberry Pi / Orange Pi Lite
  • Enclosure for Pi
  • Bluetooth adaptor
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Snes Controller
  • Power Bank
  • USB Lead Pi / USB Lead OPi
  • USB Lead Projector
  • Portable Speaker (Water Proof??)
  • at least a 16Gb Micro SD card

Hardware Setup:

So for this setup, we currently sell all the required components ;), of course!

if you are missing any required components they are available here:

Software Setup

So for our build, we are using an Orange Pi Lite, so the build we require is available here:

If you are following along with a Raspberry Pi, you can get your build here:

win32diskimagerOnce you have downloaded your image for your device, we are going to require some software to flash that to your SD card, I recommend Win32 Disk imager for Windows users. You can follow our guide (Comming Soon) for help with that.

On First power-up your Orange Pi will run through some initial setup, this will only take a few minutes before you get to the controller setup screen, Setup your controller and you’re done.

Note: if you are using a raspberry Pi, the image isn’t as pre-set up and you will need to install KODI from the RetroPie setup menu

Audio setup

Here you have 3 main options:

  • Use stereo jack on PI to connect to speaker directly (Where Available)
  • Use stereo jack on projector to connect to speaker directly (Where Available)
  • Use a Bluetooth dongle to connect to speaker

for the benefit of this guide and to take a geeky approach, we are going to take the Bluetooth route.

I have chosen to go down the route of Bluetooth for Quality and Volume.

with our little ECsee ES130 (UNIC UC50 Clone) the audio out on the projector has very poor volume and to top it off if the projector is charging to extend the run time, there is interference in the sound.

So by using Bluetooth we can avoid the interference and get better sound levels, plus the bonus of sitting the speaker closer to you for better sound.

Connect USB Bluetooth adapter to Pi, I’m using a Vention VAS-S07, go to the desktop.

run the following commands from a terminal:

sudo apt-get install pi-bluetooth blueman pulseaudio pavucontrol pulseaudio-module-bluetooth

Now right click on the Bluetooth symbol near your clock and select devices from the drop down.

set your Bluetooth speaker to sync and then click search in Bluetooth manager, once your speaker shows up right click on the device and select pair. your speaker should now be connected and working.

Portable Media center Kit


Mission Complete

You now have a complete and powerful little portable media center, that uses on average 0.7a per hour to play a 1080p Movie.

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